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John Doe

As we await the verdict of one of the most controversial cases in recent times, we come face-to-face with accused vigilante serial killer John Doe as he dissects and explains his reasoning behind his actions and the events that have now come to divide communities worldwide. The film documents the actions of this infamous and often-misunderstood anti-hero, who sets out to rid his community of criminals while pre-emptively striking out at those he knows are about to commit crimes against the innocent. Is John’s message helping society or aiding in its fall?  Has the media pushed his agenda or has it created its own?


GABRIEL tells the story of an archangel who fights to bring light back to purgatory - a place where darkness rules - and save the souls of the city's inhabitants.



The long awaited Sequel to the movie Gabriel (2007) The war for Purgatory escalates as the most powerful angel of all time fights to save the fate of humanity.

From England, Ireland and Scotland to Sydney, the epic history of the founding of Australia. In 1787, the 28th year of the reign of King George 111, the British Government sent a fleet to colonize Australia. Never had a colony been founded so far from its parent state, or in such ignorance of the land it occupied. For thousands of years an enigmatic continent had been locked in its historical immensity of blue heat, bush, sandstone and the measured booming of glassy Pacific rollers. This coast was to witness an invasion, in the form of a new colonial experiment, never tried before, and not repeated since. An unexplored continent would become a jail. The space around it, the very sea and air, the whole transparent labyrinth of the South Pacific, would become a wall 4,000 miles thick. In Australia, England drew the sketch for the 20th century’s vaster and more terrible fresco of repression, the Gulag.

The Fatal Shore

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